Just when I think I am ok….

On the outside, I am doing fine. I tell everyone who asks – yes, I’m fine. I have started running again (banned by my Dr during treatment), and also circuit training, and it’s nice to be back in control of my body. There is the prospect of a big move through my job, and that […]

BFN… what next?

So, the last of the turkey has been eaten, and it’s no longer acceptable to drink prosecco with breakfast. We’re back to reality…. Ok, so we didn’t have turkey on Christmas Day. But we’re still waking up the other side of Christmas with that slightly depressed feeling of knowing we have to get January out […]

The wait is over….BFN

So, after a sleepless night, we both woke up if not bright, then certainly early, on test day. Yes, we had set out expectations, but of course we were still hoping for the best. So, seeing the words “Not Pregnant” on the test were like a slap in the face. I don’t know how else […]